Any Inexpensive Doctoral Programs? Please help!

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These are bad times in most of the hospitals. I have decided to go back to school. Does anyone know of any doctoral programs that does not take the rest of life to complete?


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Rather than make a decision for doctoral study based solely on price, I'd encourage you to first decide what type of program you want (PhD, DNP, etc). Then consider what do you want from such a program. Then consider if you would up up for relocation for the right program (and the right financial aid package).

Several PhD programs in the country (mine included) will give full scholarship for doctoral students who are also Graduate Teaching Assistants. But this would require relocating; it is tough to teach BSN students if you are not present.

Secondly, if price is a factor in your studies, you will generally find more attractive tuition rates at public institutions (versus private or for-profit institutions). Look at the programs in your own state. Many state schools not only have lower tuition/fees, but many state governments are also giving extra aid/stipends for instate students who pledge to become nursing faculty in that state.

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