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Any Ideas Will Help-Desperate in Pittsburgh

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Hi to you great bunch of Nurses,

I need help,just a short while ago I wrote that I failed the NCLEX. I need anyone to give me some kind of strict schedule,(no excuses on my part,which I am great at) to get my act into gear and retake the test and RESTUDY! I am in finance he!! so I cant possibly afford to take another course. I am working Suzannes plan but so worried that I need a live teacher whom I have to answer too. I think I do so much better when I have a strict schedule to follow. Kaplan only offers finicial aid for Dr. courses so I cannot get any aid. I have been out of school for years so now I just have to get NCLEX out of the way and I am feeling that will never happen. I am doing this reviewing and studying on my own so any id

eas,suggestions,study plans,outlines would be of great help!:o

Desperate in Pittsburgh

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Do 60-90 questions a day. Time yourself and focus on the rationales behind the answers.

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First of all, I'd like to say I am sorry that you failed. I, myself, failed several times. I DO understand HOW you feel. I finally passed, and I am an RN, and even thought I may not always like WHERE I work? I LOVE nursing. I tried til I passed and it was DEF worth it.

Have ou tried the review books that have the CD-ROM with it? The las( and passing) time I took the exam I used it. The Cd-Rom is set up very similar to the exam itself.

Also.....they have "flash-cards" for the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN exam. They have a set of questions on the front and the answers/rationale on the back. I used these when I was at work. I could take a pile and study with on a break and/or have fellow co-workers "quiz" me.

Try to ahve a study partner or someone"quiz" you, even if they are not in the medical/nursing field.

BTW? Do you have test-taking anxiety? I did. If so? try relaxation therapy techniques b4 studying, or even relaxation tapes.

MOST importantly........RELAX! Dont beat yourself up for it, take your time, pray, and GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Have you taken the test again since this thread? #1 rule....DO NOT worry yourself sick! #2 you may get lots of prioritizing questions....try to use common sense first along with what you have learned. When I had free time I did some questions from a big NCLEX study book. I scared the crap out of myself because I got most of them wrong! BUT I read the rationale behind the right answers and that is how I began to learn the correct answers. When it came closer to test time I thought back through school about all the things I didn't know much about or had little interest in. like Glaucoma, cataracts, Meningitis and isolation precautions, insulins, etc. At test time I am soooo glad I did read up on the last minute things because oddly enough many of questions were based on these things. REMEMBER the ABCs also: AIRWAY, BREATHING, and CIRCULATION!!! Pick those answers first! And PATIENT SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST! I hadly had any drug calc questions. I did have a few questions on uncommon drugs...like chemo and transplant drugs.

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