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Any Idaho Nurses on here still?

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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if there are still any of you Idaho nurses on AllNurses :D I would love to get some insight on nursing and the programs in our area! I am not even a pre-nursing student yet but I plan on attending CWI in the Spring of 2014. I am in the Boise area and I am pretty sure hospitals prefer a BSN education, however I plan on getting my ASN first and then bridging when my hubby and I can afford it. I will most likely be limited to LTC with my education but at least I will be in the health care world :yes: I will have to wait until the following Spring (2015) to apply to the nursing program for the Fall. I am going to take the 3 required pre reqs and then as many of the other non nursing classes to hopefully increase my chances of getting in. I was considering getting my CNA while doing the pre reqs to gain some experience.... Well I would really love to hear what any of you think! Is there any one out there whom is just starting there journey as well? :yeah: What path did you take? How do you like nursing in Idaho? Any thing lol I seem to be an information junkie right now lol

Hi I'm not in Idaho, but I seen your post about having 3 kids, I have 2 my son is 5 my daughter is almost 4, both in Pre-k my husband is 11 years older than me I'm 25. We want one more baby but he said he can't wait 5 more years, so it's now or never, in march I will start taking some Pre-req all Pre and co req, so probably will take around 2 1/2 years which I don't care I'm in no hurry to work :), I can't want to accomplish my goal of getting in nursing school and passing and become a rn! But I want another kid whIch will be more hard when I get in nursing school, Pre-req Classes isnt the problem, because I can go when my husband isn't busy. I have family that can help. But for nursing school my older two will be in school all day and if I were to have a baby and be due early next year around march-June 2013, that baby prob would be only around 3, so I need to make a decision , I'm not sure what to do. I want both, how do you manage it all. It's hard being a mom