Any hospitals in Kansas sponsor foreign nurse?

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Hi everyone:

My name is Amy. I am a RN licensed in the States. I am having hard time to find a hospital to sponsor me in Kansas, Anyone can help? Tell me a few names of hospitals sponsoring foreign nurses? I got all my education here in the States. But I am still a foreign nurse because of my nationality. Thank you all!


suzanne4, RN

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Not sure how you are going about asking them. Are you asking them to sponsor a foreign nurse? Then they are thinking towards an H1-B and many will do not do that. You just need a petition submitted, big difference.

Did you file the proper papers before you graduated so that you could get a year of training in? Otherwise, it is going to take you 90 days before you can legally begin working after getting your petition submitted. There isn't much that the hospital has to do because of that, everything is done by the immigration lawyer.

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