Any Hospice/Palliative APNs out there?

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I'm curious, as I'm considering becoming an NP specializing in palliative care.

I initially planned to work in telemetry, then CCU, and then become a cardio ACNP. But my last clinical was on a tele floor, and it was pretty boring. I think that cardiology might be a little limiting for me.

Since I have an interest in the psychosocial as well as the medical side of things, I wonder if a field like hospice would be a better fit for me. When I was first looking into nursing programs I was focusing on the closely related fields of oncology, pain management, and palliative care. In fact, one of the main reasons I became a nurse was witnessing the great care and attitude of the hospice nurses who took care of my mom.

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Guess not. ;)


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It's relatively new. Even then, not sure how they'll fit in at our company yet. Some have inquired and didn't get the warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe more luck in hospitals?

leslie :-D

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joe, check these out.

click on "educational services", then "degree programs list".

good luck!!


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better late then never reply :twocents:

the hospice i work for was looking to hire a NP but guess no one applied- we ended up hiring a second medical director

so go for it and do what your heart desires - sort of : if you build it they will come

:yeah:we never know what all tomorrow may have in store for us


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Hey Joe. Before I became a nurse, I was working as a homecare CNA and I was so impressed by the homecare RN's that I wanted to be just like them. So here I am eons later, an RN with Hospice now. I have gone back to school and my original focus was psychiatric ARNP, which I still may persue, but I would love to be a hospice ARNP as well....I like both fields and I think you would too! Good luck with your decision. :nurse:

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