Any hope for ADN nurses?


I am taking my pre-requisites now, and heavily considering going into a nursing program. The thing is, for a few reasons, I can only go for an associates degree program at this time. I'm hoping that after I finish, I can do an RN-BSN program in a reasonable amount of time.

Question is though, is it totally hopeless these days for new RNs with an ADN only vs a BSN? I'm sure it'll be next to impossible to get hired as a new ADN RN at a major hospital in NJ, but what about other places of care?

Thanks in advance!


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IMO I wouldn't be to concerned about the ASN vs BSN right now. I am sure if you ask other people there are BSN grads who are not able to get jobs either. Everyone is feeling it no matter what field of work your in. The most important thing is that you get the license and by the time you finish the economy should be better. I remember back in the early 90's they used to say they were going to phase out LPNs but they are still here. The beauty of nursing is that you can work in a lot of areas and can work anywhere not a lot of people can do that. You will have flexibility and that is always good. Besides hospitals, there are jails, nursing homes, insurance companies, psych facilities, clinics, doctors offices, dialysis centers, home care etc.. I could go on and on, think out of the box and you will never go wrong. If being an RN is what you want to do then go for it! Good Luck!