Any GRCC nursing students (RN or PN) Starting this Fall or Winter??


Hi All,

I thought I would see who is out there that is starting their nursing program at GRCC either this Fall (RNs) or Winter (PNs)?

Lets get to know each other now. I don't know about you, but I am growing even more nervous by the day.

I am starting the PN program this Winter (January) 2011 semester after waiting two years.

The official orientation is October 20th, 2010.


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good for you I am taking my last math class currently this winter semester at grcc then will take the Hesi admissions right after in early May. I'm very curious to know what the current waiting list is to get into the nursing program now that they no longer offer it part time. It seems like it might change. (shorten) I really hope so. I decided to do the Lpn program then go into the Rn so I can work sooner in the field. Any one else out there in a similar situation as me at Grcc grand rapids michigan?


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I would love to go to GRCC having taken all the pre-recs at KVCC but I don't know for sure how long the wait is. I want to go into the LPN program but heard the wait list is 2-3 years. I am an older student so I don't have 2-3years to wait. Most of the people I know have decided to bite the bullet and to to Everest in GR.


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I am now on the wait list as of may of this year 2011. I was told by a recent grad of the lpn program that it's not nearly as long as they say the 1 to 2 year wait. she said she got in less than a year, and to not be suprised if they called me to start this winter... we'll see. but I'm really thinking that because they made the program only available full time that this would knock that list down quite a bit..I'm just starting my prereqs this fall 2011. will post if I hear anything, and would appreciate the same from anyone else going to Grcc...