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Any good tips on interviewing?

I have trouble interviewing. I become nervous and it seems that the wrong words come out of my mouth. I feel like I can't answer the questions correctly. I had a poor interview several months ago and would like advice on questions that the employer might ask and how I should answer the questions to be more successful next time. Also any other general advice that might be helpful. :wink2:

Best advice I can give is to prepare & practice. Have a friend or family member practice interviewing you, so you can answer the questions and get relaxed about it. Read up on common interview questions, and have a notepad of questions that YOU have for them (it's a two way street). You can google interview advice for nurses & get all kinds of great tips. Here's one of those links that may help:


Best of luck! Hope it goes well the next time!


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before, i was very shy.even talking to people, i had a hard time. practice helped me. i went to psychiatric nursing and i had to open conversation to my patients.i tried applying for jobs like medical representative so i had series of interviews.before i knew it, i can now talk in an interview confidently and i even had the chance to talk in front of a lot of people. PRACTICE makes everything perfect...

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