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I know it is hard to be completely prepared for nursing school, but is there anything that I can learn now, subject wise that will help me when I begin? I mean along the lines of knowing how to do dosages beforehand, or knowing other things that will be taught in school that I will already know and not get too confused. Did you try to learn a bunch of things before you went to school? and has it helped? Sorry, I know I worded the question a little weird.:)


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More info plz...

Have you done your pre-req's yet?


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No, I haven't. When I ask about what I can learn, I am talking about things that I can teach myself that may help when I get to that point in school(the nursing and medical studies). I'm sorry if I'm not giving enough info, I seem to be at a loss for words and I can't put my thoughts down very easily at the moment:uhoh3:

Once again I'm sorry, it's getting to be late and my brain seems to have fallen asleep without me!


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That's okay, MagicCookie, I completely understand!

My personal opinion is that you probably need to focus on getting through the pre-req's first.

Does the school you will be attending require classes like chemistry? algebra? etc.?

Go to the book store and get some books called "(fill in the blank) made easy", they help.

Does your school require and entrance exam for the nursing program? There are study guides for those, too.

There are things you could study like dosage calcs and things, and hey, do it if you want...but realize that it may be some time before you actually need to know and apply that knowledge. I guess what I am saying is try to avoid the temptation of putting the cart before the horse.

My best to you, and welcome to the world of the nursing student! :)


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I would suggest boning up on anatomy and physiology (no pun intended :D) I have heard good things about "anatomy and physiology for dummies" it is supposed to be a good introductory text. A & P is a tough class, might as well get a jump on it so you aren't totally lost when class rolls around (like I was!) I would also suggest brushing up on your math skills if it's been a while since you have taken any math classes, most programs require college algebra. Good luck, study hard and make good grades in those pre-reqs!


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