Any good source to master EKG and Hemodynamics for CRNA please?

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Hi guys, after 5 years ICU, CCU, CTICU etc, I feel I need to master EKG and Hemodynamics even more, cause I don't really feel confident about it.

I am wondering if anyone knows a method a little better that boring books.

I do really appreciate any possible advice or tip.

Looking forward to start CRNA 2010, do you think 37 is already too old?



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You only need two resources in my opinion.

Hemodynamics - (very well laid out, free if you do not want the contact hours).

EKG's - the only book I have ever found that made it simple, indepth, and fun because you really learn and understand it is 12-Lead EKG: The Art of Interpretation (Garcia & Holtz).

With both these resources you really feel like you understand the material and it is more than enough for you to answer any questions they give you in a CRNA program.


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pacep website


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Thank you guys, what a wonder, to have you out there.

I must have to say that i passed the Rn board so fast, thanks to this web.

And now on my way to apply for CRNA finding here the greatest support and help.

All the best for everyone as always!

Greetings for NY.

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