Any delivery room nurses out there??

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Hi! I've been thinking about where I want to specialize when I graduate, and I believe that I would really enjoy working in the delivery room. I was hoping that someone that has worked there could tell me what the duties/responsibilities are for that specific area, and things that they really enjoy/ really dislike about that position. Thank you!

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It's called Labor and Delivery and it's really hard work. Very physical and also stressful-as are most nursing jobs. You are taking care of 2 patients, one is invisible (the unborn baby). I liked it because there is no greater feeling than being a part of a wonderful birth, the family will remember forever.

But the down side is there can be complications, I have done non-stress tests and found no heartbeat-that is the worst. You are constantly watching the fetal monitor & your heart plunges every time the baby's heart rate does. More often than not, the baby is fine but it is stressful.

Specializes in Labor and Delivery.

If you go under specialities there is an OB section and where you can read a lot about OB/Maternal nursing. If you are a nursing student or soon to be you will have a rotation in labor and delivery. I have had mine and really loved it.

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