Any CSULB nursing students use AP credit in their GE reqs?

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Hey guys, looking for some advice from any CSULB nursing students who used AP credits to fulfill one of their general education categories when applying.

In my case, for the College Composition category, I skipped our equivalent of English 100 because I got a 5 on AP English Lit. There are no equivalent courses at my school for any of the other courses in that category.

I did email the admissions coordinator but all she told me was to submit my high school transcript (I've asked this question twice, same answer both times), and I think I got away with a B in the actual class... but does that mean they use that grade to calculate your GE score? Or do they use your AP score? I'd be really disappointed if it were my class grade - it was the score that got me the college credit, not my grade in the class.

Thanks in advance!

It seems that your question was not answered yet.

BTW your score is more important. Your course credit is based on your score.

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