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Any CSU San Marcos Fall 2012 BSN applicants?

benihime benihime (New) New

I just wanted to see who on this forum applied to CSUSM's generic BSN program for this year. I applied, but I need to finish up a Microbio class and the 2nd A&P class this semester, which I heard is the worst thing to do to yourself. If there are any, I just wanted to say hi~

I applied! I'm taking anatomy, physio, and micro this semester! I'm concerned that my final transcripts won't be ready in time for the fall cohort, but it hasn't seemed to be a problem for people in past cohorts. Where are you taking micro and a&p?

I was lucky to get micro at csusm. I crashed it, but didn't get an a&pII class this semester, so I have to reapply next year. Its all my bad timing, and now I'm out of the running. Its good that you're taking those classes now though. What school are you taking them at?

I applied! Has anyone gotten their acceptance to the University. I feel like they are slower than everywhere else I applied. It is my first choice so I wish they would hurry this process up. Anyways, I need to go back and recalculate my points, but does anybody else know their point total?

yes i also applied! they take FOREVER to update you. i applied last year too but was rejected and i didnt get that notice until july 1st 2011 after applying in October of 2010! but after retaking classes and maxing out volunteer hours im hoping to get in this time! good luck to everyone!

Hi everybody,

I was wondering how many points everybody has. A couple of my friends have applied this year and they are really anxious to know what everybody's point totals are like. Thank you very much!