Any off the counter books you recommend for A&P?

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I'll be taking my first Human Anatomy and Physiology course in the spring. Needless to say I am excited about it, but at the same time I heard this course was quite difficult and overwhelming.

I am taking a BIO prep course starting next week, however I just wanted to ask some of you who have taken the class to shed some insight as to what books I should read in preparation of it for the fall.

I already read through Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies, and thought it gave me a basic overview of some of the things I can expect to be covered in the class, however I am looking for more.

So, which books would you recommend I read through to help prepare me for the course?



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I'm not really sure the exact names of the books I used but you should check out the science section in either Borders or Barnes and Noble. They usually have the A&P books on clearance.


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i bought "atlas of the human body" from costco author is Beverly McMillan. Summarizes things pretty good, but doesn't go into the detail you need to be successful in that course, if it was me, I'd get the required text book and start reading that. The other thing that helped me alot was Frank Netter's "Atlas of Human Anatomy" no physiology, but a great reference for learning anatomy, expensive, but I got mine cheaper on Ebay. A good reference to always have!

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