Any comments on this......


Today,i've just been given an assignment on research.

I have to get the topic and do the research on it then handover in a months time.


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Is this a student assignment or are you already a nurse working in an office or hospital setting?

Research is valuable, is something evidence-based or just something we've always done. We can look at trends and variables and it can be "fun". I think it would be a hassle to put it all together, though...


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tip: pick a topic that you will not get bored off and pick a topic that is well researched.

my program required that we write a thesis so last semester I spent a lot of time researching and critiquing articles.

it gets tricky if your professors only want you to use nursing research articles. and when you are comparing articles make sure the researchers have similar population and method.

I think reserarch becomes cruicial as nursing evolves into an evidence base practice. It provides why nurses do the things we do and if it is effective.

keep us posted with your research


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