Any chicago nurses who know the city well?


Hi everyone,

This is a question unrelated to nursing, but I figured the best place to ask. I'm from Kansas City and have never been there, but am going for a weekend in January. We are staying at the Embassy Suites on North State Street. My boyfriend and I are flying in for his birthday. Does anyone have any recs of great restaurants for his birthday dinner. We love seafood/steaks and italian. I would like to take him somewhere really nice in the heart of the city. I don't mind spending over 100$ for the dinner since it is his birthday. Thanks for all who reply. I'm so excited. I hear it's a great city!



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This list is pretty dead on for steak:

Primehouse is pretty good looking on the inside. Most places will have some kind of surf and turf to meet your needs


Seafood: maybe look on the net for N9NE, Shaw's crabhouse, or

If you're going to go out afterward to a nightclub or bar email me and I can recommend those too.

Have fun...


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Wow, thanks so much. I just looked through all the steak places and will def. go with one of them on the list.

That would be great if you could recommend bars/nightlife, because we'll definitely be going out most nights. We''ll be there Thursday-Monday.

Is there a district or something where most bars are at, or are they kind of spread out throughout the city?

Oh, and what time are bars open till in Illinois?

Again, thanks so much. We both don't know anyone there so it's nice to get some info from someone who lives in the area.


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I like Chicago Chop House.... not a chain, real Chicago...... not to far from where you are staying too.... Between me and my hubby with wine, sides and desert, about $200


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I wanted to add something small--- McCormick & Schmicks have a great happy hour if you wanted a small snack some afternoon.

N9NE Steakhouse is a really neat place, Japonais is pretty expensive but really good. One other suggestion, which isnt steaks/seafood, but American so it will have some of those items- the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock. I think they are reasonably priced, and you'll have the best view of the city! Even if you don't want to do dinner there, make sure you hit up the bar on the 96th floor- the overpriced drinks are totally worth it.

If you're into Piano bars at all, Chicago has some really neat ones- Howl at the Moon or Redhead Piano bar- I'm a concierge right now and I always send guests to these places.


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That's so funny that you said The Signature Room because that's where we made dinner reservations for on Saturday night, which is his birthday. The menu looked pretty decent.

I think the other night make reservations we'll do the Chicago Chop House. The other two nights we'll just do whatever.

We really love low key bars that are fun, but where you can hold a conservation and people aren't trying to grind with you all night. Any more suggestions? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


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MMMM, Stetson's Steakhouse in the Marriott Regency Hotel. $$$, but WELL worth it. I think it's on the top 10 list of best steakhouses in Chicago! :)

Have fun! Chicago is an AWESOME city. There's so much to do!!

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