Any chance of me becoming a CNA or LPN with a record?


I'm 23 years old and have a semi long record. 2 Misdemeanor DWI's and 5 minor consumptions(misdemeanors) from 3+ years ago before age 21. And A Felony Terroristic threats , convicted 3 years ago from a fight with my mothers boyfriend, no one got touched, just some words got exchanged.

The Felony Terroristic threats drops to a Misdeamnor in 2019 when i complete probation. Is there any chance of me becoming a cna then ??? By then, it'll be 5 years since i was convicted and will just be a misdemeanor and all my other charges are misdemeanors?!?


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I would advise you to google the legal rules in your state for becoming a CNA. Every state has them and your answer will be quite clear.