Any CCs that offer online sciences?


Hi all -

Just wondering if anyone knows of any CCs in WA that offer online sciences (the ones that are nursing pre-reqs) so CHM121, CHM131, BIO 141, BIO 142?

Any help greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows which colleges offer an actual AA in pre-nursing?

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I know North Seattle offers online chem classes, so 121 and 131...but I don't know of a school that does the A&P series online. In my opinion, A&P requires so much memorization, that you're better off taking it in person because even some schools are weary about accepting hybrid classes (part online/in-class).

Good luck! I think Everett CC offers an AA in pre-nursing called "nursing transfer" and Tacoma CC does as well. Good luck!


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Thanks so much :)

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Yes, Everett CC does an AA in pre nursing. Just wanted to chime in and say that many colleges won't accept online science courses. Just make sure of the requirements for the school of your choice. Good luck!

Look into South Seattle. I took a hybrid class for Microbio & never had any problems with it transferring for nursing programs. Most was online/blackboard and then lab was a long day like every other week or something. South Seattle offered a lot of these classes, which is great for those who can't attend class regularly. I think you are okay as long as there is a lab class attached to the online portion (therefore usually called a "hybrid").

I believe Pierce College does the AA or AS in Pre-nursing as well. Which I have to ask, what is the reasoning behind getting this degree? I got an Associates once I finished my RN program. Just curious, had some classmates who got it but never asked them. Good luck!


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I doubt any online courses would be that good unless they are hybrid and have real labs. I know TCC has options like this and the instructor for the Hybrid A&P is awesome ( I didn't have her but she was there for open lab and I learned a lot from her).

I am one class away from my AA in pre-nursing which is basically just the prereqs for most BSN programs but it doesn't make since if you are trying to become an RN by getting a ADN.