Any Canadian Travel nurses in USA?


I travelled for about 6 years between the late 80s and early 90s now find myself taking up the road again. Travel companies are no longer offering free lodging, but instead paying nurses a tax free weekly wage plus a taxed weekly wage in the USA. I'm keeping my apartment in Toronto and will be paying Canadian taxes since I plan on coming home for the summer. How does the tax free wage affect your Canadian taxes?

I'm a relatively healthy 60 year old male RN and thinking of travelling to the states every winter. An ultimate work/paid vacation for four months, what's not to like? I might like to visit Alaska and/or northern Canada in the summer.





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Tax free stipends are a reimbursement of business related expenses, not wages. They are not reported to the IRS, nor should you claim them to Canada as reimbursements of expenses are not taxable there either.


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