Any Canadian NPs working in the US without writing the NCLEX before?

by Alexka123 Alexka123 (New) New Nurse

Hi everyone,

I am a new graduate NP from Ontario Canada looking to relocate to the US as soon as possible. I have recently graduated a Masters of Nurse Practitioner program and am a fully licenced in Ontario. I have written the AANP exam and have received certification. Can I apply directly for APRN licence without going through the RN process all over again? I know different states have different rules so it is really confusing as a Canadian. 

I have never written the NCLEX before because I wrote the CRNE when it was available. I have recently written the AANP. However, in order to apply to individual states I require a U.S. SSN (which I don’t have) and active US RN licence (which I also don’t have as I’m Canadian). 

Does a active Canadian RN licence count in any of the states? Will I have to write the NCLEX and apply as an RN concurrently as I am applying for APRN licence? If any Canadian NPs working in the US went through this process please provide some assistance it would be much appreciated!

thanks in advance for your response!