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Any Canadian Labour and Delivery Nurses??


I am not yet a student, but am hoping to start a 4 yr degree program in September of 2007, here on Vancouver Island. Ultimately, I would like to become a midwife, but would love to start off in L & D or Ob/Gyn. I am posting this on here because I am wondering if anyone knows if hospitals will hire new grads in these areas? I have also heard of a program at BCIT in Vancouver for Perinatal Specialty. Does anyone know of this program, or if it is a required course to work in these areas?? Also (sorry for all these questions!!!), I work as a unit clerk at a hospital that is now adding a brand new perinatal wing, which I think will include a NICU. What sort of education/experience would one need to work in this area?

Thanks to anyone that can help!!!


Has 18 years experience.

In my province, they are hiring new grads...

I am quite sure you need to complete the BCIT specialty programs before working in these areas. If you get hired on at some of the hospitals here in the lower mainland (probably on medical or surgical wards?) they will pay for your specialty schooling and your full-time wages while you attend school. The only catch is that you must work in that specialty in that particular hospital for about a year after completing the courses otherwise they'll ask you to pay back the costs of tuition.

A lot of the specialty programs are only about 12 weeks long.

You can go here for more information.

Thanks nessy, your info is just what I needed to know. Have you taken any courses at BCIT? 12 weeks would be good! I think the BCNU will pay the cost or partial cost of a nursing course too, but I'd have to look into it.

Thanks again!

I've taken other general courses at BCIT, but nothing directly related to nursing.

I am taking my nursing at Douglas College and may do the specialty nursing at BCIT once I've been working as a RN for a while.

Good luck!

You may have better luck getting into OB/Gyn as a new grad than right into Labour and Delivery. But i got right into OB/Gyn as a new grad without a problem.

Good luck.

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