Any BSN programs still accepting applications for SPRING 2011?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


.. I know it is a little late,but am tired of been on the waiting list each time i apply i just want to start and finish already am not getting any younger.

i finish taking my pre req so somebody could please help me here..even if it an RN program i would do

i currently live in HOUSTON TX i don't mine moving somewhere close..


I would be very surprised if schools are still accepting apps for Spring 2011 - I start Spring 2011 for an ADN program and the deadline was back in May. The BSN programs that I considered had even earlier deadlines. My school is working on Fall 2011 admission now. Thats probably what you should be looking at right now and you might even be late for some schools already for Fall 2011. I know the deadline for fall 2011 has already passed for some schools in my area. I would check out the websites or make phone calls to all the schools in your area to find out their deadlines and submit to all, if you are willing to move, then do the same for out of state schools so you don't miss the next round of applications.

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