Any aussie/zea nurses went to uni knows ?

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I'm a us student and here in the us we have classes u have to take before applying to the nursing programs here . And while reasearching I couldn't find any preqres courses that was listed. right now this semester I'm taking microbiology , human anatomy and college algebra. I don't want to keep on taking classes if its not going to count for anything can any of u guys help me out. I would like to apply for the mar 2013 school year for some of u guys that might seem far away but I'm in the army and getting deploy for a year so it seems closer to me.

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I assume from your post, though you didn't actually say so, that you're planning on studying nursing in Australia or New Zealand. In both countries nursing is an undergraduate course, so the admission requirements don't include college level programs. It's been a long time since I did my own training, but I believe the academic subject requirements are final year maths and biology. However, you may be best off emailing a couple of program coordinators at universities in the state you hope to study in, to confirm.

A word of caution - an Australian or New Zealand registration won't meet the registration requirements to practice in the US. That isn't to say you won't be able to move back to the US if you qualify here, just that you'll have to have go through a few additional hurdles, even if you're an American citizen. Also note that course fees are government subsidised and so fees for overseas students are considerably higher.

If you already have an undergraduate degree when you're ready to study nursing, you also have the option of doing a Masters, which is a shorter, more intensive program run in a few Australian universities (I don't know about the NZ set up). It doesn't matter what the degree is in, provided you meet academic and other requirements.

Good luck.

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