Any advice? Thinking about having a baby at the end of school.


Hello all,

I am currently in a BSN program, will graduate in December 2013. We have one son, almost a year old, and are thinking about another. I am having so much trouble trying to decide the right time to have another one since I am in the midst of a career change. Here are my concerns about each option:

1. Have baby at the end of nursing school:

I'll be pregnant during school and clinicals, be tired, pray there are no complications that wold keep me from finishing

I'll have the baby and then potentially miss the hiring season for nurse residencies or not be ready to go back to work so soon. My advisor said I may have to wait until may when the next class graduates. Will they even hire me knowing I'm having a baby and then expected to start a job 6 weeks later?

2. Wait until after graduation to get pregnant:

I'll be pregnant while learning a new job

I'll have to take leave without being in a job very long

Babies will be further apart in age

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice. I want to make the best decision for my family. Thanks in advance!!!


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This is such a personal decision. I can only give you my thoughts. I was very pregnant with my first child when I finished nursing school. The faculty was helpful in placing me in clinicals that finished early in the term so that if I did have complications, I would only need to complete my academic work. Then, in less than six months, I graduated, became a mother, passed the NCLEX, started a new job in a new career, and bought a house. It was a rough year. I wouldn't recommend it to others. Neither would I change it, if I could.

You list 2 options: being very pregnant at graduation and waiting until after graduation to get pregnant. What about being "just a little pregnant" at graduation? If you're early and don't show much, the hiring authorities at your future place of employment don't need to know about it.


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I totally understand your situation! I was starting my last semester of nursing school when we planned our first baby. I was about 18 weeks along by graduation. It worked out great because I was blessed to have no sickness or anything to affect my schooling.

I got my first interview for one position when I was about 8 mos pregnant (shortly after i passed NCLEX) and was actually told that was why I wasn't offered the job...which is discrimination, and not legal. It was hard getting an interview to begin with, being a new RN.

Regardless, my advice is to start trying if its what you both really want, but as you mentioned in your post, keep in mind, all pregnancies are different. There's always a chance your last several months of school could be extra grueling if you're sick. And even though its not right, my opinion is that being pregnant could affect your chances of hire.

I ended up getting a job eventually anyway. It's good to weigh out your desires and priorities at this point. Having a little sibling for your little one would just possibly delay starting your nursing career... Or not! Maybe just think if that is a risk you are willing to take. I know that I had absolutely no regrets about the timing of my pregnancy whatsoever! ;)

Good luck to you!!!