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I am a 2012 high school graduate about to start a 4 year BSN program at a private health sciences college! I will be taking A&P I, intro and developmental psych, bioethics, library research, and academic seminar! Any words of wisdom/advice for these classes! Which ones should I be the most concerned about? I have always been a straight A student and hope to keep this up! Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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If you were a good student in high school, and you developed good study habits, I don't think that you'll find your first year of college that difficult. Just don't get sucked into the late-night, partying mindset of the stereotypical college student and forget to study or do your assignments. Continue to work hard and be a diligent student and you'll be successful. I was a straight A student in high school as well and I honestly didn't find my introductory courses in college any more difficult than my advanced placement high school courses. Pay specific attention to A&P, as the information in that course will be a foundation for some of your nursing knowledge in the future.

Good luck!

Everyone is different so I can't say watch out for this class it's so hard because what was easy for me was not easy for my classmates and vice versa. That said I'm sure you'll do fine if you were an A student in high school. Just keep doing what you did and when the going gets tough remember to breathe. Welcome to AN and gl in your 1st semester.

Thanks so much for the wonderful advice! I start tomorrow and am beyond excited :)

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