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Hi, Just want to say I love this site and it has given me new hope for nursing school. Im a first semester nursing student at my local community college, took me 4yrs to complete pre-req's. Anybody know of good sites regarding care plans??? We are only 2 weeks into class and we already have to complete a care plan, start hands on in the hosp next week. Im kind of nervous. Anyone from Moraine Valley in Illinois?? Good luck to all and thanks for a great site.


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Which hospital? I work in the area, and we get students from Moraine all the time. ;)


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By the way, there's a web site called that looks like it might be helpful, but you need a subscription and I don't know the cost. There's a book Nurse's Pocket Guide:Diagnoses, Interventions, and Rationales that saved my arse more than once. I have the 7th Ed., which is written my Marilynn E Doenges and Mary Frances Moorhouse and published by F.A. Davis. Hope this helps...GOOD LUCK!!!


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Wow...Where did the big smiley come from...I thought I typed the letter D. :roll


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Hi Chicagolandrn. Im starting at Palos Community Hospital on Thursday, however, I would love some day to work at Loyola. Im so very excited, Im a 35 year old who finally discovered what I was truly meant to do. Thanks for the help.

ps. You are the second person who suggested that book. thanks

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