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Hello fellow nurses! I used to view this website all the time before I started nursing school and after a two year hiatus, I am happy to say I am back! When I first joined AN three years ago, I was a CNA working with Alzheimer's and Dementia patients and now I am a RN who just started my career at a busy level one trauma center.

I am so excited about nursing and am thrilled to have been blessed with a job. Do any of you seasoned and not so seasoned nurses have any advice for a new RN? I am still doing hospital orientation and will not be on the floor until next week, but I am eager to excel at my career.

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Moved to First Year After Nursing Licensure for more response. Good luck!!!

I'm a new grad, too, almost out of orientation. I'm a basket case. My coworkers have been wonderful, though, and have assured me that I will be fine - they're looking out for me. So...this is the advice I've been given by other nurses:

Accept that it might be a year before you feel comfortable.

Always remember that you are never doing the job alone. There are other nurses there to help you if you feel lost or overwhelmed.

Always ask questions if you don't know something. Even experienced nurses need to do so.

Don't blow air into those little morphine capsules with the springs on the end.

Advice from me: I've found that I have trouble with time management sometimes...I tend to be slow. However, my patients tend to forgive me because I make it a point to really really listen to them. Also, expect some REALLY terrible days. When you get one, know it isn't your fault. Even experienced nurses have these days. Just keep your head up and push through it as best you can. Take a quick break if you're overwhelmed. You will probably come back stronger and make up for lost time.

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