Any advice for new Nurse entering ICU

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So, I’m a male RN. I just got my RN license a few months ago. I bridged to RN after being a paramedic for 10 years with plans to become a CRNA. Obviously, I have to work the ICU before I can go to CRNA school. I’m having major reservations about it. I’m worried I’ll have problems getting used to taking care of basic needs (whiping butts, bathing, assisting with things etc). This is something I never had to do as a medic...But my biggest concern is my stutter. I manage fine as a medic but I know there’s ALOT more reports, phone calls, patient/family interactions etc involved with being an ICU nurse. I won’t have an issue with anxiety or what not, been there and beat that many years ago. I don’t think anything can increase my heart rate anymore. Im smart enough to know what I don't KNOW about being an ICU nurse. I’m not that paramedic that thinks he’s knows it all and would walk in like head honcho, in fact, I’d rather people didn’t even know I was a medic. I can pretend well. But anyway, those are my concerns. Please no dickish comments. I’m not trying to be rude but these are legit concerns stopping me from applying for ICU. Also, in my area nurses are in high depend and regular hired into the ICU straight from school so that’s not a concern either. 
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Everyone has to start somewhere NGRN89.  They will teach you everything they want you to know, and they'll give you all the time you need.

If your not interested in pt care though, I would stay away from the ICUs.  Baths, BMs, ambulation, turns are hourly events.  But you don't have to do it alone.  Grab your desk buddy and team work it.


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