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Hello out there,

I am writing on behalf of a dear friend whom is currently enrolled in a master's level RN program. My name is Bobby, I live in California, her name is Laura, she lives in Dallas, Texas. I am not a nurse but I am writing on behalf of my favorite nurse-to-be. I could really use all of your help; it feels like I have come to the right place. Laura has just finished her first semester in a nursing program - she loves it and is doing great. She works at the corporate office of a major retail store out there. She can't wait to began nursing but the job pays well and keeps her away from taking out loans. Unfortunately, however, they have began to lay people off there and she fears for her job. Laura has a B.A. in International Business and no prior nursing experience. It tears me apart to see her becoming frustrated and losing momentum. I was hoping that there was somebody out there who could offer me some advice about what Laura might do so that she does not lose sight of her goal. It would be ideal for her to try to move closer to the medical profession but I am pretty clueless as to what options might be available for her considering her qualifications. If anyone has any advice or suggestions as to what directions Laura may want to consider, it would make all the world of difference. It is difficult being so far away and feeling awfully helpless, ....if I had money to offer, it would already be on its way. All of your advice and thoughtfullness is truly appreciated.



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