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Well looks like I'm getting into the RN program at my school Sept 2024 I am ancient 46 I've been a law enforcement officer for many years but I'm ready to hang up my handcuffs for a stethoscope.It's been hard taking care of my ailing mom and taking Prereqs but I managed to pull through with A's and A's well not micro detested it got a B- but it doesn't factor towards my GPA it's not a prereq but a core required class.anyway any advice for my start in the program would be great what should I expect etc

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As a LEO you've been in charge, but be aware that some of those nursing professors will want to be the boss of you from the beginning. Knuckle under, for your own sanity.

Thanks for the advice just want to get through it the prereqs were a lot of work but I'm ready For the next phase 

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