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Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hello everyone! I was just wondering if you guys had some advice for me. I am a new nurse and I also have panic disorder. I am prescribed medications as needed but really don't like to take them unless absolutely necessary...

So I know that as a new nurse, I know that having anxiety is completely normal... and I KNOW it takes a while to go away. For me, I'm only on my 5th week of orientation and it still have another few weeks to go. I cannot relax and focus on learning. I'm too concerned with what it's going to be like once I'm on my own. I'm a nervous wreck... on days off, it's hard to eat or sleep. I have knots in my stomach before shifts... I'm nervous because I'm new and have so much to learn... but I'm also nervous about what would happen if I had a panic attack during work. What would I do? It's busy and we are understaffed. What would happen to my patients? The fear of this makes my anxiety worse... if I knew there was a solution, I'd be much more relaxed. I'm just so afraid that I cannot do this... I'm on a cardiac telemetry unit that is considered critical care... it's really stressful. I just got a new apartment though so I need to keep my job! I need an income. I fantasize about quitting every day but I know I need to push through. It's just so exhausting physically and mentally. What would happen if I got so overwhelmed I couldn't do anything? I hate that I always fear for the worst... does anyone have any advice?

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Since you have already been diagnosed and have a 'script for your panic disorder, why don't you take the meds while you work?

Also, did you disclose that you take these meds when you were drug tested when hired? That's important to do in case you do get drug tested at work.

I am NOT giving medical advice here just asking about what you already have in place by a medical professional. What might be giving medical advice might be something like asking you why you don't take something everyday rather than PRN so I won't do that.

What would happen if I got so overwhelmed I couldn't do anything?

You work in a high pressure environment and it's not safe for you or your patients if you know you have a treatable condition but aren't addressing it properly. You can do lots of things to prevent from getting overwhelmed: take the meds you are already prescribed, attend talk therapy, good self-care (see new article on here), choose a different unit that is less stressful, keep reading AN so you know that you are not alone!

Good luck to you!!


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