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Although I'm pretty much starting from rock bottom, I have to do A LOT to make sure my GPA raises as I have screwed myself the first year at CC. Now I am back with my head and heart fully committed and I know that I am determined to become a nurse. All the hard work will make me definitely cherish every bit of being a nurse in the long run.

Being that I have to take a lot of classes to raise my GPA I figure to heck with going the LPN then RN route and go straight into going for the ADN. Hope the grade exclusion will be able to knock out most of the courses that I took that doesn't pertain to my decided major as I was originally going for Graphic Design a couple years back.

Gonna be taking an English Comp I and Medical Terminology courses this Fall. Didn't want to burden myself diving in full time until I feel that I am ready to take the full workload as I am still working part time and a single parent to a soon-to-be one year old son.

Anyone still have a long road of pre-reqs to complete before applying for the ADN/BSN program?

I don't have a lot of pre-reqs to complete, but I remember how it seemed like forever till I might be done with pre-reqs! I have one more chemistry class and I'm applying to nursing programs this fall-- hang in there and you'll be applying to nursing school before you know it!! Good luck, study hard, & you got this(-:

You'll be submitting nursing applications in no time and wondering if you have another two years of school in you...... It really does feel like a long road, but worth it!

I still have my science prereqs to do, taking anatomy this fall along with a few other classes. >,

I feel you on that messed up GPA was no where close to prepared for my first year but I took year off and got over half my bsn pre classes done in lpn school now because I am needing to have a better job and couldn't wait 3 more years!! Best of luck take it slow and steady

Thanks Rox.G & Lizardkixx.

poog, I was hoping to pursue LPN to get a better paying job but I guess I'll get comfortable with my current position as a Pharm Tech until I obtain that RN degree :)

Took my best friends mom 7 years to get BSN but she did it slow and had an awesome GPA for masters school fast isn't always best :)

I plan to pace myself especially since I'm paying out-of-pocket right now to attend again. So I have no room to screw up especially if I want to get financial aid again. I know fast isn't always best, lol. Learned that by being in the real world for the past two years. Lots have changed and for the better! I'm more committed than when I first came out of high school and of course having a child possibly adds to it also, lol.

I finished all useless pre-reqs so far. Would have started on Science classes first but it takes forever to get a spot for them. I too worry non-stop 24/7 about my GPA. Sigh, just gotta stay focused, slap myself on the head when I find myself slacking off. But the good thing is that time passes by super fast and before you know it, you have graduated. 4 years of high school passed me by in a blink of an eye and I have no idea what happened.

Yeah, I totally got to thinking about having too much free time on my hands and thought that I would make use of it by going back to school and pursuing a higher education plus while I have the help now. I'm good on childcare as my mother doesn't work so she watches him whenever I go off to work (two part time jobs) and will watch him when I go back to school this fall. Debating on whether or not to quit my min wage part time job at Smoothie King. I make a decent amount at the pharmacy so I really don't have use for working there anymore. Want to dedicate any extra hours I can get towards studying and making the grade to get into the RN program.

I make a decent amount at the pharmacy so I really don't have use for working there anymore.

It seems like a good idea to have only one job. It's very competitive these days, so getting a 4.0 (or close to it) is crucial.

This site will be my friend for the duration of school (and after, of course) lol.

Has anyone CLEP out any of their pre-reqs? I hadn't thought to ask my adviser about this as I have been researching after the fact.

Don't worry, I'm sure that you can do it! KEEP BEING POSITIVE. JUST STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!! : ))

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