I'm on a nursing list for 3 years,I'am taking A&P 1 and 2 while i wait. i have also been trying to apply to jobs such as patient transporter and unit sectary but haven't had any luck so far. I have been trying for these jobs because i would like the experience. Anyways i have become very anxious about my future and developed a lot of what if's.

I was wondering what other tasks i can accomplish to help me with my experience,skills and all that for the nursing degree.My career goal is to become a neonatal nurse practitioner.

Thanks! (sorry if this sounds like i am rambling :-P)


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Go to the hospitals in your area and see if they've got any sort of volunteering opportunities available. You should be able to volunteer around the hospital in different areas (and possibly neonatal) and sort of get your feet wet as to what the environment is like. You can also ask questions to nurses about what they do, etc., and you also have the chance to make a network connection to help land you a job later on.

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A 3 year wait? That is crazy. If you want healthcare experience maybe get your CNA and try that out.