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anxious about P/MHNP ANCC exam


I am scheduled to take th psych np exam june 17. I would be so grateful if anyone whom has taken it could give me any feedback regarding this monster. I have heard alot of people flunk it. I bought the Barkley cds/ home study guide, ANCC study book and went to the ANCC review last Oct. Which was a while back. A friend who is an FNP and went back to get her p/mhnp took it after going to barkley she failed it the first time. Someone she knew recommend taking the online ANCC review, which she did and passed the second time. I would like to know if anyone has found this course helpful, does it have test question samples etc. Any test tip advice would be so appreciated


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I can't give you advice on the exam, just to say good luck. I am a newly graduated FNP and am now in my post master's program for PMHNP. I have heard that many people fail and I wonder what their previous experience in psych was. I was a psych nurse in a state hospital for 5 1/2 years so feel pretty comfortable but I have met nurses that have never really done psych and go into a PMHNP program and really struggle and not pass their first time. Kind of like being a school nurse (or whatever) and going on to become an CNM with no OB experience. I think people that have never done any mental health think it is easy.

I plan to look for a review course when I graduate. I did the Fitzgerald one for FNP and felt it was worth it.

Good luck.

Hi sounds like you too have heard alot of people fail the exam. 10 years ago I passed both AANP and ANCC certification exams for FNP on first go. However this one I am nervous about due to the program I attended was significantly self directed. If anyone has heard of specific areas which have been hard on this test please please let me know thanks


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I think its all based on your experience. I did a dual cert. in FNP and PMHNP. My background was 10 yrs. or so of psych. and minimal medical experience. Took the FNP first, missed the first time by a few points, then passed. The ANCC PMHNP seemed like a breeze as I had all my experience to draw upon. I woulnd't say it was easy, but the experience I had sure helped! Best of luck to you!

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