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anxiety and job applications


Hi all.

I'm looking for some advice. I'm in the process of filling out job applications for a grad position and although I've never been diagnosed with any kind of psychiatric disorder, I am taking medication because of anxiety. One of the applications that I am filling in wants to know if I have an anxiety/depression/panic attacks and wants me to elaborate further if I say yes. I want to be truthful. I'm also not sure how to professionally explain that it is related academic stress with things like assignments and exams rather than the clinical setting, which I've never had a problem with. Being on medication has basically 'fixed' my problem and I'm fine at coping without it until really high stress periods in school ie exam week looming.

I don't want to put the wrong kinds of information that will make employers choose somebody else over me because they think I might not be able to do my job properly and have a panic attack, but I have an obligation to tell the truth. How on earth do I go about this?


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Not their business. As you said, you do not have an official diagnosis, Trust me on this. Again, this is personal medical information. Keep it to yourself. I can't stress this strongly enough!

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