Anxieties about the ETEA interview,visa application for AUS & right time to quit my job.

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HI everyone! I've been reading posts from this site eversince I started to work on my application for AUS and y'all have been a huge help. I received my eligibility to enroll for a bridging course in NSW last month and since then, I have been eyeing ETEA's bridging program. Im just quite anxious about the interview since im currently working in a dermatological center here in the mideast and i've been assigned in the laser department for 4 yrs now which caters to treatments on telangiectasia, hirsutism and pigmentations. Because of this, ive lost answering questions derived from hospital settings although ive previously worked in a medical surgical ward before for a year in a maternity hospital in the phils. Could any of you give me ideas on what to expect from this Interview before I submit my application to ETEA? Please....

Another problem I have is that last ETEA intake for.this year will be on sept 30... Next one will be in january of 2016. I really want to join the sept intake but I might not have enough time since Im still trying to complete enrollment requirements (ielts results will be released this june 14) but I think I can send my application next weeK june 20. I have a job at the mo which I cant resign from without securing a valid AUS visa and I have to submit a 2month notice of resignation if I do quit which means if I join etea in sept, I have to submit my resignation in july. im still planning on trying to get into their sept intake even with all these odds. SO im wondering if they will accommodate me in january if in case I pass their enrollment requirements and interview for sept but wont be able to make it just in time to arrive in australia before commencement date because of all the "odds"...

Sorry for such a long post. I talk a lot (rather, type a lot) when im anxious. thanks in advance for all your replies. God bless you all!


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I do not think anyone could answer your questions or make those decisions but yourself. The only way for you to be confident during that interview is by having enough preparation, that is, going through the usual interview questions that could be brought up.


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Hello there! How are you now? How was your journey back then about this matter. Did you made it for ETEA? I hope you can reply as I am planning to apply for their Novembe Intake. Thank you!