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antibiotic therapy/picc


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Could someone please assist me???

I am trying to find step by step instructions on reconstituting and then administering antibiotics through a picc-the antibiotic powder(vial) is attached to the bag of saline.

TYhanks so much! I can't seem to find anything super specific on the web


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you are asking about two different things. a picc line is nothing more than an iv access line and the reconstitution of an antibiotic is not affected by whether it is going to be infused through a picc line, other kind of central iv line or a peripheral iv. for information on the use and maintenance of picc lines, see post #6 on this sticky thread:

iv medications that come as powders are reconstituted in a number of ways. generally, the manufacturer of the drug will give instructions on how it is to be done. so, you need to read the specific information on the drug being reconstituted. the pdr is a good resource for this. many come in vials that you merely inject bacteriostatic water into and then wait until the powder has gone into solution. some, however, may have a special solution that they have to be reconsituted with. after reconstitution the resulting liquid is withdrawn from the vial and injected into the iv piggyback container or directly injected into the iv line. many antibiotics are now coming attached to iv piggyback containers and you merely need to break the seal between the vial and the iv solution, allow iv solution to run into the vial of powder, allow the powder to go into solution and then let the resulting solution run back into the piggyback container. you never have to enter the vial at all. here is a link to several types of these systems since each manufacturer has patents on these:

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