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I know it's possible to hold multiple state licenses, BUT is it possible to apply to more than one state BON to obtain licensure by examination? Simply, do I only have one choice sit for my NCLEX ?

I ask because my gradute program requires multiple state licenses because that increases where they can place you for clinicals. One of the states is NJ which I understand to be a difficult process with many steps.

Any input is appreciated.


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You can only apply to one state for a license by examination. Then you have to wait for that license to be officially issued to you before you can apply for license by endorsement. But once you have your first license in hand (from whatever state you chose to get the license by exam), you can apply to however many states you want for license by endorsement simultaneously. I can't imagine you needing to have more than 2 or 3, but I'm guessing the school's told you what all you need to do.

My advice would be to do the license by exam through the state that has a reputation for being fastest in issuing licenses. That way, you can get the ball rolling faster on applying for the other states' licenses.

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Exception to above: if your state requires you to pass within a set number of attempts, then you might consider applying for licensure in another state with more lax requirements. Then you can transfer the license from #2 to #1. All of this costs money of course. Bottom line is you will only be tested in one state in USA. That is called reciprocity - all states agreed to accept the passing grade regardless of where you take the test.