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Hi Everyone, I started my first day yesterday and today was my second day. We had our lecture on IV therapy yesterday, our lab on IV therapy today and next thursday we will have our check off and 1st drug calculation test on IV therapy. After starting the 1st day and even after my second day I am much more relax and calmer than what I was before the 1st day of class. I am still a little worried but I feel everything will be fine and things will work out just fine. I feel my ethical theory class on wed. nights from 600-840 will go really slowly because of the teacher but If I keep a positive attitude everything will work out and I will do fine.

Well got to get back to study for my drug calculation test and IV therapy so take care.:cool:

What semester are you in? I'm only in first, so we're studying the Holistic Man, Functional Health Patterns, Cultural nursing, and starting the Nursing Process on Tuesday. Today, I have on-campus clinical, and then I'm off until Tues. This weekend, I'm going to practice for our math test and make abbreviations index cards to study. So far, a pretty light load, but I'm going to enjoy it as I know that things will get more complicated as the semester progresses. All in all, this has been a very easy week. :p

Keep up that positive attitude!!



I am in my second semester of nursing school but I am a first semester junior if that makes sense. AT my school we start the nursing program as second semester sophomores we take fundamentals of nursing and nursing assessment as sophomores. I have pharmacology, nursing seminar 1, health management 1 and professional practice 1 (which consists of our clinicals) this semester. I am keeping a positive attitude. You have too if you want to be successful. This weekend I have lots of studying to do too. I have about 9 chapters to read in pharmacology, and IV drug calculation test and check off to study for. I can't practice IV skills at home of course but I can read the list to memorize the steps. I also have a few chapters to read for health management. So I am going to be pretty busy this weekend.

Well Take care,


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