Annual Staff Education Days


I am responsible for planning the annual staff education day at my LTCH.

I need some suggestions as to themes for the day or new and fun formats. My goal is to get everyone up and moving and as involved as much as possible and to minimize the amount of classroom time.

Any suggestions would be very very welcome!

Specializes in LTC, Hospice, Case Management. Has 37 years experience.

I did this years ago. We had an inservice fair and ran it with a carnival type theme. We setup up different booths around the dining room for the different inservices. We gave out prizes for correct answers on post tests. Carnival theme music. Maintenance men out cooking hotdogs on the grill (in between fire extinguisher demonstrations). Some vendors invited with products and give aways related to wound care and such. Our food vendor donated all the hotdogs and popcorn. We gave out several summer type door prizes and a grand prize of the day was a free day off with pay. Had over a 90% turnout and staff begging for a repeat the next year. Lots of planning, lots of volunteers, lots of work and lots of fun.