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Annual Raises?

Hi Everyone,

I read the thread on the hospital and its salary and I was just wondering how are raises given to an RN? Do you automatically get evaluated on a yearly basis, or do you typically have to ask for raise? Also, how much of a salary increase is usually given?


We get a 5% raise on the 1st of each year and for the first five years of employment you get an additional 5% at your anniversary. After 5 years you get the additional 5% @ 8, 11 and maybe 20 years... This is clearly stated in our union contract as is the pay scale for each step. We are unique though, being a union hospital, I am curious to see what other (non-union) hospitals practice.

5% raise each year???????? ARE YOU SURE? If you make 70,000 a year then you get a raise of 3500 a year? what state do you live in? Thats amazing. What union is this exactly?

Yup, 5% each year and since I just began my second year, I got a 5% increase in Jan and a 5% increase in July (on my 1 year anniversary). I'm in California, our union is the California Nurses Association. From what I hear from friends at other hospitals this is pretty standard (or slightly less).

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