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Anne Arundel Comm College Spring 15

by 3withmeinmd 3withmeinmd (New) New

Looking for anyone who may be in the spring 15 class at AACC.....Im desperate to find out if Im in.

When did you submit your application? When I talked to them last week they said that spring 2015 has been full and they are currently filling fall 2015 so if you haven't heard from them I would assume you should hear for the fall spot. They basically accept everyone who applys its just a matter of when you'll get in. I hope you hear soon! Waiting is the worst part :)

Oh man.....well I was there on Thursday dropping off some papers and the lady at the desk went back to ask and they told her "it's pending and I should hear something by August". Which is what my email said when I applied back in January. In January my email told me that Fall 14 was full (which I knew) and that packets for Spring will go out by August 30. GRRRRR lol Im in a spot. I was accepted in the CNA program (wanted to bridge the gap between apply to the nursing program and getting in) but then I found out that a good friend of mine applied 2 months before me and got in for the fall. So then I re-read that email and figured I have a good shot for the spring 15 class. UGHHHHHH Who knows. If I know for sure I'm gonna be in the spring class then i won't waste my time with the CNA. When did you apply?

I would wait and just do nursing school, even if that means waiting until fall 2015. You'll qualify to be a CNA after you complete your first semester of nursing school anyway.

I am in the same boat as you. I am waiting to get in the spring 15 program too. I applied in November and didn't get in the fall. So I have my finger cross for the spring. Can't wait until August to get the letter in the mail. Hopefully I see you all in the Spring semester.

queserasera, RN

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Has anyone of you heard anything from AACC? I applied in January as well and other than the "you may hear sometime in August" I haven't heard anything from them!

PocketSize, BSN, RN

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I'm super tense as well! I applied in January and was told my app was "pending final review" earlier this summer but Aug 31st is around the corner and the email said if you're in Spring 2015, you should get a packet in the mail by that date.

Makes Fall semester every more nervewrecking since I'm doing the last few classes I need for my BSN.

Let me know if/when you hear something :)

I realize things will fall into place when the time is right but at the same time, I wanna start soon! I'll be 25 or 26 by the time I graduate community college. Jeez

I recently talked to someone in the nursing office (August 21) . They told me that the letters will be sent out August 31 or in the first week of September. She also asked me when I turned in my application I told her January and she seemed very sure I would get my letter in the mail for spring 2015 program. So I think everyone here should just prepare for that letter in the mail.

PocketSize don't worry. I will be 25 or 26 when I ]graduate community college too. I will be turning 23 on the 9th of September. The acceptance letter will be a great present.

What about the conditional email they said they were gonna send...... has anyone received an email????

Wish the school would just keep us updated.7 month wait and no word about our application.

queserasera, RN

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I spoke with a member of the staff in the office today. She said that Letters would be going out by the end of this week and anne arundel county residents get preference.