Ankle pain from Flat Feet. what is the best shoes or inserts

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My 15 year old has flat feel(can't remember medical name). his feet has no arch and overpronates. His feet look like duck feet(pointing outwards instead of straight ahead like most)of us.

He is in high school,with lots of walking between classrooms. so at the end of the day, his ankles are killing him. Even walking in the mall or at a super walmart, he has to sit down several times to get off his feet. He can't stand for too long.

The othopedic doctor told us to get him custom fitted soft othortics(inserts). He wears it in his regular running shoes. Not much help.

I am thinking of buying him walking or running shoes that would help someone with flatfeet. I am hoping maybe New Balance or Reebok or some brand offers something to help him. Something with arch support,etc. Anyone has suggestions or recommendations? What has helped you or someone you know?


I know of not a single shoe that helps with ankle pain associated with flat feet. I am 18, and a flat foot sufferer my whole life. I've tried just about every shoe, insert, support, orthotic that's come on the market. All I know is look for shoes that your son finds comfortable and supportive. Sneakers with a heel like this one are the LEAST helpful though (to me at least). I had a pair of sneaker that my dad thought would be perfect for me, he was very wrong. By the end of the day when I came home from school I was in tears I was in so much pain (I almost didn't make it the walk home from the bus stop). Recently, I started working out and I realized that I can't because of my feet and the pain I get in my ankles and knees. Right now I feel as though my ankle has given out on me. I'm honestly considering surgery, because this pain is something I can not deal with. Dr. Scholls custom orthotics are comfy, they are by far my favorite insert. But when it comes down to shoes I'd recommend looking for shoes that are wide in size and something with a higher top like these$product150$ I'd imagine these would hold his ankle and keep it stabilized while he's walking/running. I myself when I walk or run realize my ankle or even knee goes inward to much and causes a great deal of pain. I myself have been unlucky and unable to get the care I need for my feet. I hope your son does, the pain that comes with flat feet can be excruciating. Try speaking with some specialists in this, I bet someone out there has the solution. Good luck to your son, I hope he finds relief. Just be glad you don't have a daughter with flat feet ! High heels + Flat feet = Total Nightmare.


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I found using an Ace Bandage wraped just below the ankle upward helps my ankle pain.


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Birkenstocks, best shoes in the world. I've worn them for 10 years now and don't wear anything else.


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Thanks, I'll look at those. I wear Dr. Martin, but it may be time for new ones. My feet stretch them and cause extra ware.

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