Ankle injury of a camper(Canada, Ontario)


I just finished a week of volunteering as the camp nurse in Canada, Ontario.

I was given no guidance or procedures on how things were done at this camp and felt thrown into it. I was left with figuring it out on my own for the most part. There was a first aider to help me.

We had all the campers meds organized but besides that, no protocols, instructions, manuals to refer to.

So, I had a few injuries throughout the week. One was an ankle injury that didn't look too bad. A bit swollen. She iced it. We tensor bandaged it a d she walked away...she didn't come again for the week before to see me...Well, then herom came to pick her up and ranted at me for not calling her and that she was going g to the er now for x-rays and that if it's broken, she was going to call her lawyer. Asked for my rn #, be, etc. Which I gave- continually being polite while she was very rude and threatening.

Now I'm freaking out because I did not document the injury nor call her mom which both should have happened now that I know better bit did not know at the time.

Can someone give me some ideas what may happen. If it's broken? If legal action is taken? Could I lose or have license suspended?

The camp does have insurance for me. I would be covered that way.

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Per our terms of service, we can't provide the advice you seek - please consult your supervisor or lawyer.

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