Aniexity, Anticipation all for that acceptance letter...

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Hello my name is Jasmine.. This is my first post but I just need some words of encouragement.. I'm patiently waiting... ::Not really::? for my acceptance letter.. Not to be too cocky I just feel if u speak life into a situation than it shall come to past...

The reality is that I really don't know and I've been waiting the entire summer. I finished my pre reqs so I've taken class this summer to ease my mind bt the semester ends Thursday.. I should have my letter the first week of August... I'm just ready to know... I feel like high school teenager waiting for cheerleading tryout results!

I have a 3.5 gpa and fortunately for me they started a new program. So some of 150 applicants aren't competing with me. I've been able to talk to the director of the program and she said she will be taking no more than 50 for one program and no more than 32 for the other! I feel confident bt there is always the what if feeling?. My friends say dont think about it.. But it's a recurring thought in my mind. Its to the point I just want to know. I have a very strong Christian faith so I know if it's god will it will be done. This is my calling so if all else fell I will just keep applying eventually I will get in!! Giving up isn't an option.

See my nerves are so bad I'm misspelling words *Anxiety

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I know how hard it is not to be anxious, it's a nail biting time. Try to focus on anything else you can. It sounds like you've got an excellent chance and I hope you get your acceptance letter SOON! :)

I am so with you.. I am applying for the 2013 spring fast track program I was told to send in early so I have sent in and they have processed it but since for spring I won't know anything till October or December they said . It's going to be torture but I too feel God had blessed me this far in my journey and will lead me in right direction. Good luck to you ..

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