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Our cath lab started using angioseals. They bring the patient up to us then cut the suture and remove the clamp. We have had several complications with bleeding from these. We also have recently received two patients from the cath lab after "failed" angioseals so we could stabilize the groin. After the groin was stabilized (using femostop) the patients were then transferred to stepdown. I found this very time consuming to admit a patient to ccu, stabilize the groin, and then transfer the patients out 6-8 hours later. Any suggestions.


Shari, Our lab has been doing permanent pacemakers recently. On occasion, the Pt. goes from CCU with the expectation that he will be transferred from the cath lab to telemetry. Needless to say, the tele bed isn,t always available when the procedure is done. If the CCU needs the pacemaker Pt's bed for an admission, that Pt. goes to PACU until a tele bed opens. I don't know how tha PACU feels about it, but it may be an option in your institution.


Thanks Aggie! I don't know about PACU, but we do have a recovery room for heart cath patients. I believe it is utilized more for the outpatient versus inpatient.

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We were recently inserviced on the Angioseals, but I haven't seen them used yet. At least you're able to transfer them out the same day instead of keeping them overnight. It is time-consuming, though. I think a recovery area for post-cath patients is a good idea, although using it for inpatients, also, may be a good idea. However, you'd probably still get those types of admissions in the CCU, unfortunately, if it is 6 - 8 hours before they can transfer to the stepdown.

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