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Nurse Practitioner starts homebound program to avoid wasted Covid vaccine doses

Watch the documentary story of Tarik Khan RN MSN, CRNP  who worked as a Nurse Practitioner at a Nurse Led Community-Based Clinic race in 2021 to administer expiring doses of Covid vaccine to the homebound in Philadelphia,  which otherwise would be destroyed.  He took it upon himself along with a colleague to start this homebound program after Philadelphia Health Department declined to establish such a program.

At the time, he was in a doctorate program at University of Pennsylvania, was President of the Pennsylvania Nurses Association which he resigned from to run for public office as PA State Representative to continue his healthcare activism --he WON. His research focused on family caregivers of older adults with intellectual disabilities, receiving his Ph.D in 2022.



Philadelphia Inquirer articles about his COVID immunization work:

Tarik Khan's late-night rush to vaccinate Philadelphia's homebound seniors was 'not sustainable.’ Thankfully, others are stepping up.

'House call heroes' can get more people vaccinated in Philly and beyond | Opinion

Philly rolls out plan for vaccinating seniors and disabled people at home as advocates ask what took so long

Hope to see more nurses like him in PA's legislature.

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