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And yet another mid-life Career Change Considered!

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Ok so here I am to echo the sentiments of many that I've read since stumbling on this forum a few hours ago and that is I'm almost 39 and have been in Management for Telecomunications Company for 16 years considering Career in Nursing. The only caveat is my wife who is 27 is considering doing the same thing.

Where do we begin? Why would we consider it? Our Brother in Law is a Nurse, our Friends are nurses and we see the reward and satisfaction they get from their careers. My wife is from the Philippines as is our Brother in Law he was an RN in the PI but apparently there are some friends going through the LVN/LPN program through Kennedy back in the PI for 3 months after studying in the States for 9 months. My wife is applying for citizenship and from what I've read on this forum this option although cheaper and quicker is not all that it touts itself to be.

I've always had a servants heart :redbeathe and I've been in situations in Nursing Homes and Retirement Living places where I've volunteered and have had others comment on my ability to connect with the patients and make a difference.

Any advice or reality checks greatly appreciated!

46 yo IT programmer here.

The things I suggest are:

1. Determine whether or not it is fiscally wise for the career change. I would suspect that a telecom mgr would make more than I do and I know that I will be taking a pay cut to make the change.

2. LPN/LVN allows you or your wife to work sooner but the pay matches that effort.

3. For me, I decided to work and do this. I took 2 pre-req courses a semester on-line at the CC to get to the point of applying for the evening/weekend program this summer. I had planned to work and go to school at the same time (I still have mega bills to pay.).....however, I am to be laid off in 2 weeks. :cry: And the job market is BAD right now.

4. One thing that is 'hitting' me right now is that the press is screaming "nursing shortage!" the hospitals are importing nurses, YET we now have nurses that are citizens being laid off and graduate nurses that can't find jobs. You might want to keep that in mind - unless Obama can turn the economy around, job prospects could be bleak! By both of you going into NS at the same time, you put all your eggs in a basket that currently has a hole in it. I would suggest that one of you stays in the current career until the situation stabilizes.

Best of luck to you.

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