And what other questions do you have?


I have found on my last couple interviews much of the time seems to be spent with the interviewer asking "and what other questions do you have for me?" This is after I've asked questions about the responsibilities, types of patients, scheduling, etc. I have a 2nd interview coming up with the physicians at the internal medicine office so I want to be prepared. What questions do you ask? How do handle this?


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After the basic questions (nurse to patient ratio? Orientation process? Hours? Blah blah blah), I always ask "What are the traits of some of your most successful nurses on your unit?" And "What do you love most about working for this facility?" It gives you an insight into what theyre looking for, what to expect working for them, and portrays interest.

...But then again, I haven't had a job offer yet so maybe they're not the best to ask! ;)

Good luck at your interview!!

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I hate it when people ask me that. I like to get the basics, but I'm not big into asking tons of questions.

People can tell you whatever they want to make the place you're going to work seem like heaven with a cherry on top. I much prefer hands-on experience, observing on the ward or talking with the nurses who work the floor.

I understand what the managers are looking for by asking that question (they want to see what kinds of questions you're asking and ascertain your level of interest), but I intensely dislike that question because I don't see the use of asking questions beyond the basics.


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Thank you for your input! I took your suggestions and it worked. I also asked what got them interested in this particular area of medicine. You could see the twinkle in their eyes as they looked back. Still not a fan of the "what questions do you have for me?" I got the job and am excited to start a new chapter.

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Depends on where I am interviewing...

I may ask why the position is open,

or what the best parts of the workplace are,

I may ask about the management style of the "boss"...

I may ask about patient mix, or insurance mix, or caseload, etc dependent upon the work setting.

If the interviewers have been warm and friendly with me I will be warm and friendly in response.

I often ask what types of attributes in a candidate will they be looking for or something similar.

Good luck.