I am about to graduate soon and am a little confused about both of the examinations. I know the ANCC is suppose to be hard as it has theory and all that jazz in it, but I have heard some rumors that I wanted to try and clarify. Has anyone heard that some magnet facilities require an NP to be certified through ANCC? I would hate to be applying for a job now or in the future and do not want to hear, "sucks you received your certification through XYZ and not QRS." Can anyone give me some insight? Thanks in advance...


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You have probably found an answer to your question at this point, but to briefly respond to your post:

- Yes, ANCC does include theory, but IMO it's not something that isn't doable (I took my exam through ANCC)

- I did not take AANP, but have heard from those that did take it that it is definitely "more clinically focused" than ANCC (exactly what that means I cannot say since I did not test w/them)

- As far as being denied a job because you chose to test w/XYZ as opposed to QRS - that should not be a problem since most states/organizations/practices will accept both (it's very unheard of in most cases that you should run into issues w/that; that's not to say that it hasn't happened to someone...I just wouldn't worry too much about this)

Hope I was of a lil help to you. Good luck in whatever certifying body you choose!!!

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Thank you so much for your reply. It was helpful :D